Typical tension-/compression force transducer with internal thread (S-Type), constructed for high accuracy up to 0.02 % (optional). The model F2270 series are perfect for weighing systems and the measuring of static tension- and compression forces. It is available for nominal loads from 100 kg up to 5000 kg.

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  • Constructed to weight suspended loads
  • Can also be used to measure tension and compression forces
  • Established S-Type design
  • Combined error 0.04% of full scale (0.02% also available)
  • Nominal load 100 kg to 5000 kg
  • Protection class IP 67
  • Easy force introduction through internal threads
  • Application


    This force transducer is used in applications with the necessity to measure directly in the force line. For example to measure the weight of suspended loads or the actual force in ropes and rods. The high accuracy is one of the reason why the force transducer is often used in weighing technology as load cell. The force is applied to the force transducer on an easy way through inner threads. Screwed-in swivel heads enable the applied force to be centrically and free of torsion and bending moments.