Chem Trend

Chem-Trend is a global leader in the development, production and supply of specialized mold release agents . Over 50 years of experience, we have making high performance release agents, die lubricants, tire paints, purge compounds and ancillary products related to molding, casting and forming operations. Our expertise goes well beyond than just the products that we develop and manufacture, it also reaches into the production processes of the industries that we serve. Our seasoned professionals help our customers to produce higher quality parts, more efficiently and at lower overall cost.

In addition, we create value for our customers through innovative technology, expertise in their industrial processes and by responding with a sense of urgency. We provide customized solutions, including world-class service and products, which encompass release agents, die lubricants, tire paints, purging compounds and other process chemical specialties to help our customers improve quality and productivity. Besides, sustainability has always been a part of our core beliefs. From our inception, our deep-rooted values and principles have been in synch with the same future-focused commitment that is so vital to sustainability. We take pride in doing business with the highest of ethics and making responsible choices that reflect a long-term vision.

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