About Us

Effi Dynamics Sdn Bhd was founded in July 2012, providing factory automation solutions to local small- and medium-sized manufacturers. Currently, our factory automation services include manufacturing automation planning & consulting, instrumentation installation, automation equipment repair, equipment spare parts sourcing & replacement.

Our objective is to make factory automation installations affordable to manufacturers. By providing alternative brands of automation equipment, manufacturing facilities can improve their production workflow, consistency, quality control, and costing. It is important that smaller manufacturers continue to improve their capabilities in a world of ever-increasing competition.

With advanced factory automation, manufacturers are able to create products that fulfill consumer expectations in any market. There is no denying the fact that the age of robotics is here, and one of the core values of advanced automation is to improve the cost-effectiveness of factory management. Our automation expertise will ensure that you meet or exceed your clients’ expectations.

Effi Dynamics possesses the extensive experience and strong technical expertise required either to perform a complete new installation or to retrofit existing equipment in order to handle new product models/lines. Leveraging existing equipment provides a tremendous cost benefit for the manufacturer concerned with capital expenditures for new machinery and equipment.

Today, as Effi Dynamics continues to expand, we have been awarded distributorships which allow us to bring in a wide range of OEM equipment and parts from overseas. These resources afford Effi Dynamics the ability to solve client issues in a more rapid and agile environment.

Professional Industrial Thermal Solutions

Modern manufacturing processes that require thermal control systems are able to enhance production with our range of advanced thermal control systems that are designed to increase productivity and reliability. Effi Dynamics offers systems that maintain a tight control over temperature fluctuation, which is mission-critical for the semi-conductor, food, energy, and many other industries.

Our thermal control instruments are highly sensitive and provide instant feedback for any temperature adjustments that are crucial for maintaining process control requirements. Thermal management consultants are ready to assist with any design and/or equipment that may be needed to achieve the tight-tolerance temperature control that our clients’ manufacturing processes may require.

Effi Dynamics’ automation and thermal control systems are:

  • Efficient
  • Effective
  • Economical
  • Environmentally Safe


The world is rapidly changing and developing. Every second of every day brings new ideas, technologies, and methods. Our motto is “Efficient, Effective, Economical, and Environmentally Safe” and is fully integrated into our business philosophy: Effi Dynamics provides Efficient services so that clients will have more Effective manufacturing systems to achieve optimal quality and production with Economical automation and thermal management solutions that are Environmentally Safe.


Effi Dynamics is driven to be a leading provider of manufacturing automation and thermal management solutions and deliver superior performance and value to its clients.

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