Miniature Tension/Compression Force Transducer designed to be installed in applications with limited space. The model F2221 series can be used to measure tension- as well as compression force. It is available in measuring ranges from 10 N up to 50.000 N. A feature of this series is the high accuracy, despite the miniature design the combined error is only 0.2% of the full scale.

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  • For compression force and tension force
  • Special design with small dimensions
  • For small forces starting at 10 N
  • Combined error 0.2% of Full Scale
  • Also available High Temperature version up to +250°C
  • Ease of assembly
  • Protection class IP 65
  • Application


    This force transducer is used in applications with limited fitting space and the necessity to measure directly in the force line. For example to measure the actual force in ropes and rods. The force is applied to this force transducer through threaded bolts, which are located on each side of the cylindrical body. The force application has to be centrically, torsion and bending moments are to be avoided.