The field of application for this force transducer lies in innumerable applications where high accuracy, simple installation, low space requirement and favourable price play a decisive role.

This force transducer is suitable for the measurement of tension forces and can be supplied for measuring ranges of 10 to 200 N.

One of its characteristics is the high accuracy of 0.16 % of the full scale value due to the small dimensions.

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  • For tension force measurement
  • Simple force introduction
  • Compact small dimensions
  • Simple installation
  • Low installation height
  • Protection class IP 60
  • Accuracy 0.16% of full scale value
  • Application


    This force transducer is used in applications with limited fitting space and the necessity to measure directly in the force line. For example to measure the actual force in ropes and rods.

    The force applied to this force transducer is through eyes, which are located on each side of the flat body. The force application has to be centrically, torsion and bending moments need to be avoided.