The load cells of the model F2210 series have been designed to measure dynamic or static tension – and compression forces directly in the force line. The available nominal loads range between 0,5 kN and 2000 kN. The special feature of those models are the high long-term stability, the low hight and the high accuracy of optionally up to 0,05% of the full scale value.

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  • For static and highly dynamic tension and compression force measurements
  • For high forces up to 2000 kN
  • Fatique rated long term stability
  • Low installation height by flat design
  • Accuracy 0.15% of full scale
  • Optional with accuracy of 0.05% of full scale
  • Optional designed for high temperatures up to +250°C
  • Protection class IP 67
  • Application


    These load cells are notable for high accuracy and low overall height. They can be used in harsh industrial environments, in laboratories or test bays, for static or dynamic measuring functions. The force transducer allows to perform reliable measurements of static and highly dynamic forces up to 2.000kN.

    Because of the robust design the requirements for harsh industrial surroundings and laboratory and testing sector are met. The optional high accuracy of 0,05% widens the range of application. The design causes that the load cell reacts less sensitive to torsion and bending moments. Still those should be avoided to provide a reliable measuring result. So that the force, which is applied axial and orthogonal through the central internal thread, is free of torsion and bending moments. The bolt circle allows a safe and easy installation.

    There are also accessories like compression pieces and connecting flanges available.