Lusin® Clean G 315

Lusin® Clean G 315 is a ready-to-use granular cleaning compound for the screws, cylinders and nozzles of thermoplastic injection molding machines and extruders. Acceptable for use in the food industry where there is no possibility of food contact. The compound consists of high grade plastic with additives and contains no abrasives. Lusin® Clean G 315 is suitable for use at a temperature up to 315ºC/599°F and for the cleaning of hot runners, especially for plastics with low melt index.

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• Especially suitable for all plastics with low melt index
• Suitable for all plastics up to a processing temperature of
• Low consumption – economical
• Odorless during application
• Rapid cleaning effect
• Suitable for use on hot runners
• NSF-registered; conforms to H2 listing requirements



After cleaning with Lusin® Clean G 315, the screw can be removed very easily, if required. When Lusin® Clean G 315 is used for purging and returning to production, its cleaning efficiency allows for faster return to service while reducing start-up scrap due to color or polymer contamination. Processing is carried out according to the following procedure.