Lusin® Clean G 295 C

Lusin® Clean G 295 C is a highly-concentrated purging compound. It is specially developed for cleaning screws, cylinders and hot runner systems for caps & closure production. The compound consists of highgrade plastics with high efficient cleaning additives and contains no abrasives. Lusin® Clean G 295 C can be used at processing temperatures up to 295°C/570 °F. Approx. dosing instruction for cleaning screws, cylinders and hot runner systems

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• Specially developed for caps and closures production
• Concentrated: low consumption – economical
• Odorless during application
• Rapid cleaning effect
• NSF-registered; conforms to H2 listing requirements
• Suitable for use in hot runner system



1. Prepare a mixture of 1 part concentrate (Lusin® Clean G 295 C) to 2 parts in-house resin (neutral PE or PP). See dosing table for approximate quantities.
2. Empty the cylinder
3. Fill the hopper with the mixture. See note (a) below.
4. Fill the cylinder with the plasticized mixture. Stop the screw for 3 – 5 minutes to allow for optimum cleaning.
5. After the 3 – 5 minute dwell, begin to expel the purge mixture. Color should change from the original color to a much lighter color (white /offwhite). See note (b)
6. Refill the cylinder, apply release agent (Lusin® Alro O 201F) onto the mold and begin producing caps /closures out of the concentrate blend.
7. In case of very resistant contamination, stop the process for 3 minutes to allow mixture to clean hot-runner/manifold. Repeat as necessary.
8. Restart production, continue until purge mixture is consumed or until the quality of the produced pieces are acceptable.