Lusin® Clean 1020

Lusin® Clean 1020 is a ready-to-use purging compound that is specially developed for the processing of TPE and TPU. The compound consists of high grade plastics with high efficient cleaning additives and doesn’t contain any abrasives. Lusin® Clean 1020 can be used at processing temperatures up to 280°C.

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-Especially dedicated for efficient cleaning of TPE and TPU
– No smell during application
– Removes residues and encrustations
– Suitable for hotrunner systems
– NSF registered conforms H2 listing requirements



Lusin® Clean 1020 is suitable for colour and material change resulting in parts which immediately have the desired colour.
We recommend the following Clean ing procedure:
1. Dosage – refer to table
2. Empty cylinder
3. Fill hopper with Lusin® Clean 1020. Cleaning temperature as for processing of previous material.
4. Plasticize Lusin® Clean 1020 through the cylinder. For very resistant contamination a reaction time of 3-5 minutes is appropriate
5. Fill the new material into the hopper. Adjust machine parameters and restart production.
6. In case of hotrunner systems the double amount of Lusin® Clean 1020 is recommended.