Lusin Clean 1010

Lusin® Clean 1010 is a ready to use purging compound that is specially developed for the processing of PMMA. The purging compound consists of high quality thermoplastic resins as well as highly efficient cleaning additives and does not contain abrasives. The product is completely miscible with PMMA and does not generate any milky traces.
Lusin® Clean 1010 is suitable for colour and material change as well as for removal of black spot contaminations and carbon residues especially on transparent parts. Lusin® Clean 1010 can be used at processing temperatures up to 300°C (572 °F).

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  • Especially dedicated for the cleaning of injection moulding machines processing polymethylmethacrylates (PMMA)
  • Economical due to low consumption
  • No smell during application
  • No contamination of the following parts
  • Removes residues and encrustations
  • Suitable for use on hot-runner systems
  • No generation of milky traces