No blower no air! In industrial processes one blower can often supply several air heaters in parallel. Our durable and maintenance-free blowers are a result of uncompromising quality standards and decades of experience. SILENCE, Leister’s mid-range blower, is very quiet during operation at 61 dB(A). Developed to withstand operating conditions with air intake temperatures of 100° C to 200° C (212 °F to 392 °F). Delivers optimum & effortless performance in ambient temperatures up to 75° C (167 °F).

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Attribute Unit Value
Frequency Hz 50
Voltage V~ 3 x 230/400
Air volume (20°C) l/min 6000
Pressure static kPa 1.4
Power W 250
Ambient temperature °C 65 … 75
Air inlet temperature °C 100 … 200
Noise emission level dB(A) 61
Environmental protection IEC 60529 IP 54
Outside diameter air inlet mm 80
Air outlet (external) mm 60
Weight kg 9.0
Conformity mark CE (ErP n/a)
Protection class I Protection Class I