WATLOW EZ-ZONE® PM Express Limit

The EZ-ZONE PM Express panel mount limit controller from Watlow’s family of limit controls is an industry leading limit controller that allows for optimal performance utilizing simple over/under limit control and menu functionality without complex features.

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Product Description

Product Description

The EZ-ZONE PM Express limit controller is ideally suited for basic applications and usage levels.

The EZ-ZONE PM Express limit controller is the next generation of controllers leveraging the strong legacy of Watlow’s SERIES 94, SERIES 945 and SERIES SD limit controllers where easy-to-use features are needed for basic applications. It includes one universal input and the option for up to two outputs and is available in 1⁄32 and 1⁄16 DIN panel mount limit controls packages.

The EZ-ZONE PM Express limit controls are a great addition to the EZ-ZONE PM family which includes two other controller versions, the EZ-ZONE PM integrated controller and the EZ-ZONE PM temperature and process controller. This family provides an ideal platform to perform many applications.

Specification Highlight

Specification Highlight

Max Limit Loops: 1
Max Monitor Channels: 1
Alarms: 1
Mounting: 1/32, 1/16 front panel
Max Output: 5A
Ambient Operating Range: -18 to 65°C (0 to 149°F)
Agency Approvals: UL®, CSA, CE, RoHS, W.E.E.E., FM, NEMA 4X, IP66 front seal, SEMI F47-0200
Communication Protocols: Standard Bus
Display Height: 0.41 in. (11 mm) to 0.84 in. (21 mm)
Warranty (years): 3
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Simplified menu
  • Fits basic applications with a user-friendly interface supported by two menus and a streamlined list of parameters
  • Eliminates user complexity often encountered when using more advanced limit controllers and their unnecessary features
  • Reduces user training costs and programming errors
  • Standard bus communications
  • Allows easy product configuration via PC communications protocol and free software
  • Saves time, simplifies the programming process and improves reliability of the controller setup
  • Factory Mutual (FM) approved over and under limit with auxiliary outputs
  • Increases user and equipment safety for over and under-temperature conditions
  • Agency approvals: UL® listed, CSA, CE, RoHS, W.E.E.E. FM, SEMI F47-0200
  • Ensures prompt product acceptance
  • Reduces end-product documentation costs
  • P3T armor sealing system
  • Complies to NEMA 4X, IP66
  • Allows controller to be cleaned and washed
  • Certified UL® 50 independent to NEMA 4X specification
  • Touch-safe package
  • Increases installer and operator safety
  • Complies with IP2X requirements
  • Consistent Termination Labeling (CTL) connection system
  • Simplifies switching between products
  • Speeds up user’s system documentation
  • High-amperage power control output
  • Drives 5 ampere resistive loads direct
  • Reduces component count
  • Saves panel space and simplifies wiring
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