TECSIS Sensor P1870

The precision pressure gauges are produced with high precision and are used to test pressure of tanks, pipes and fittings by official test and surveillance institutions.

The precision pressure gauges have a high grade measuring element. The pressure proportional elastic deformation of this Bourdon tube is transmitted through a low friction movement to the knife edge pointer.

The connection is fitted with a shut-off valve with test connection and quick connection M 20×1.5.

The gauges are suitable for measuring of liquid and gaseous media, also this may not be too viscous or be susceptible to crystallization.

The precision test gauges are supplied with several span sleeves and certificate in a carrying case.

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  • Accuracy class 0.6 according to EN 837-1
  • Connection position on side at 3 o’clock
  • Several span sleeves
  • Overload capacity 1.3-times
  • Test certificate
  • Application


  • Pressure test of tanks
  • Pipes and fittings
  • Plant construction, research and development