TECSIS Digital Gauges E3905

The hand-held pressure measuring instrument “Manoport“ is a digital indicator for measurement of gauge pressure, absolute and optionally also differential pressure.

The external pressure sensors are available for ranges from 0…0.1 bar to 0…1000 bar, including manufacturer test certificate. The instrument has an automatic sensor detection, so the measuring range can be changed in a few seconds.

The wetted parts consist of stainless steel and are resistant to corrosive gases and fluids.

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  • With microprocessor
  • For external pressure sensors
  • LCD-display 2 x 4 ½-digit
  • Ready for application with external sensor
  • Independent of stationary power supply (battery)
  • Low weight
  • Automatic identification of the pressure ranges
  • Selectable measuring units
  • Integrated data logger function
  • Adjustable zero value
  • High resistance of sensors against aggressive media
  • Peak value memory (MIN and MAX) and actual value memory (HOLD)
  • Option serial interface
  • Option evaluation software
  • Application


  • Service and repair
  • Process- and gas pressure measurement
  • Hydraulic, monitoring of measuring device